Giving Myself Nightmares: Kiwis and sirens

One of our enemies is a Siren, that commands stymphalians to mess with the sheep and make them it poisonous poop that turns them into zombies. Now that not being enough, I like spinning the characters in a new take on their classic appearance. The first change we made was to the stymphalians by making them look like the Kiwi bird. The reason we did this is because we needed the creature to be about the same size as our sheep, and also be flightless. Observe:

 Scientifically Accurate render drawn by Leonardo DaVinci

Scientifically Accurate render drawn by Leonardo DaVinci

From here I started sculpting  the stymphalian, it went by pretty fast, but the many renderings and simple features of the Kiwi allowed me to take creative liberty, while still adhering to the general dopiness of the bird. This was my final result:

A masterpiece worthy of the renaissance artists. Moving on from this, I took reference from my local grocery store, taking 360 degree pictures of several rotisserie chickens in order to capture the shape of the body. As well I had to both whip cream, and buy many hershey kisses in order to get the correct but "fwip" as needed.

After this we had the task of creating the Siren. The Siren from a gameplay standpoint acts as the sort of would-be alpha of the Stymphalian. Basically, the Siren song affects the sheep, luring them towards the Stymphalian's toxic poop, which they eat, and then become zombified. Kyon, the player, can use the siren song to his or advantage because the siren song also affects  the Stymphalian to the point that they will follow the Siren off a cliff. Back to the point, Sirens in ancient depictions are birds with human heads. Since I wanted to keep the stymphalian and the  Siren related, I thought it would be  interesting to keep the form the same, but have the Siren just be a bigger stymphalian that got caught in the flayed skin of one of the many cultists that live on their mountain, his song is nothing but a derpy squawk when in reality the other Stymphalians are just attracted to his smell. So without further adue, I present the Siren:

The next step for this  will be creating textures, and the mangy fur/feathers that cover its plump little body


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Jonathan Gilboa