Staying Grounded

So we had a bit of a problem with Kyon's Sprint ability. The problem lie in that Kyon was capable of launching off of slight ramps or sheer cliffs and actually flying until either finally touching the ground or hitting something solid. The culprit of this unacceptable (though hilarious) behavior:


This guy. We had discussed early on how we wanted Kyon to have little to no control during his forward dash "Sprint" ability, so at the time this seemed like a good fit. It worked, for a time. It was rather humorous to me that the player would launch off of cliffs and could plow through sheep with ease, that is until we added a new landscape with height differences. Needless to say, I was immediately asked to fix this issue.

Wait, I can force a movement input? Sign me up! In hindsight, this seems extremely obvious, but I did not think of it at the time. So we just slap this bad boy in, crank up the player speed during his dash to some ungodly degree, and there we go! A brand new sprint, better than the first, and even better for launching off cliffs! I fixed the cliff launch (sort of) by increasing the Player Gravity Multiplier. Either way, this allows the player to maintain their location when going down slight inclines and an even greater ability to barrel straight through the herd and send sheep flying!


Lead Programmer

Christopher Miller