A Trident For All


Well I’ve been busy with some new content that isn’t foliage. Today I was working on texturing a trident that would be used by the cultists and it would also be used in other levels that are still in development. After the model was done I began to look and see what type of metal was used with these weapons as well as the designs on the on the shaft.

So, first things first after I had the high low poly bake it was time to start texturing, I started first with the simple metal on the top of the trident.

After I found a metal I liked I started on edgewear, I started with a mask in substance painter, and began touching it up by hand.

After the edgewear was done I began blending leather materials together to find something that resembled an old worn look.

I then added some finishing touches.

Then I put it in engine to make sure it looked correc.

And there you have it one trident.

If you would like to see more of my work visit my site at https://www.jasonsthomas.net/

Till next week Jason signing off.