Need More Plants

The most important part to a successful environment is making it feel alive. And when it comes to an outdoor environment foliage is the keystone in making things feel alive.

Being that Kyon is a game that takes place almost entirely outside we rely heavily on foliage to flesh out our scenes. I have used SpeedTree to create all of the foliage throughout our game. Every level is filled with thousands of instances of foliage ranging from grass and flowers to trees and shrubs. However, I felt our environments were lacking the ground foliage they deserved.

I started by finding references of different ground plants until I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do.


Once I was ready I found a good leaf texture on  and used SpeedTree's generate mesh tool to create a leaf mesh. While the generate mesh tool is fast and convenient, most of the time I will create a leaf mesh with Autodesk Maya and import it for use in SpeedTree.

After creating the leaf mesh, I use the generator options to create stems and leaves. I then adjust the various attributes and manually tweak the different meshes' positions to get the plant looking the way I want.

After applying the textures I use the wind tool to add more life to the plant.

I appreciate you reading and hope you continue to follow the development of Kyon. If you want to see more of my stuff you can find my website at: